Myth: ‘We exclude noise from our quotation. You need to ask an expert’

Fact: An equipment supplier should be responsible for ensuring it’s ‘fit for purpose’

If an organisation provides equipment it has a legal responsibility to ensure that it is fit for purpose, which includes the level and character of sound it produces. It is relatively easy for an equipment supplier to seek expert advice, either to ensure that the equipment will be acoustically suitable, or that it can advise the client of potential problems, leaving it for the client to make an informed decision as to how he or she wishes to proceed.

Being pragmatic, if an end client is enabled to make such an informed decision, this can then protect the equipment provider from future complaints that the equipment does not perform as expected.

From the perspective of end clients, we also believe they are more likely to have confidence in an equipment supplier that provides sufficient information and helps them to make an informed decision, rather than one that tries to sweep any such difficulties under the carpet and pretend they either will not occur, or that this is beyond its area of responsibility.