Our Values – What They Mean To Us

Solving Problems

Solving Problems with a realistic, can-do attitude is what we really enjoy. It’s great to be able to use our wide range of expertise to overcome challenging and interesting acoustic problems, especially when this improves people’s quality of life by enabling suitable developments to go ahead or reducing their exposure to noise and vibration. By solving your acoustic problem we also aim to let you concentrate on what really matters, rather than wasting time and other resources on what may be more of an irritation to you.

Enjoyable Work

Enjoyable Work is something we expect. It’s much easier to be excellent at doing something enjoyable, challenging and interesting. We take pride in the quality of our work and the benefits that this provides to the wider community. It is also great when this is recognised through positive comments or awards. We also expect to keep learning, developing our skills and capabilities through work and other opportunities. Nearly everyone works to earn money but we also expect to enjoy our work and do something useful at the same time; otherwise we are wasting a great opportunity and a large part of our lives.

Best Value

Identifying and then achieving The Highest Suitable Noise Level™ ensures that scarce resources such as money, materials, energy and space are not wasted on an excessively/ unreasonably low noise level that provides no additional benefit.

Noise and vibration control accounts for a very small proportion (often only a fraction of 1 per cent) of the total cost of a project but, as with several other aspects, if it is incorrect, it can result in the failure of the entire project.

While the initial cost of an engineered acoustic system may appear to be substantial, this is only one part of the total cost that needs to be considered. The system must be designed to ensure that suitable airflow will be provided for any equipment being attenuated and that suitable access will be provided for ongoing maintenance requirements. The design, construction and materials must also be suitable for the intended use and provide sufficient longevity.

It is only by considering all of these factors that the Best Value acoustic solution can be identified. This will usually vary for different situations, depending upon factors such as the plant characteristics, available space, and attenuation requirements.

Home Safely

This is not just a phrase, it’s a way of life. To treat it otherwise is dangerous. Our aim is for everyone to get back safely every day, without causing or being involved in any accidents, incidents or near misses.

Always Ethical

Ethical behaviour at all times is not optional, it’s essential; there’s no such thing as nearly ethical!

In addition to our moral duty to ‘do the right thing’ for our clients and the wider community, we expect to be trusted. We understand that trust has to be earned; know that it can easily be lost; and we value it very highly.

In addition to our reputation for ‘telling it like it is,’ we have also earned our clients’ trust over the years by identifying lower-cost solutions when we are able to do so, and even avoiding the need for, and cost of, work on numerous occasions when we have established that it isn’t necessary.

Innovate or Die

This sounds melodramatic but if an organisation is not continuously developing, it is stagnating. Innovation covers many different areas, not only product design but also use of technology and even basic principles such as how a problem is addressed. This has helped us to keep providing the best solutions and to make the best use of developments in areas such as technology, knowledge and even culture.