Continuing Investment

Continuing Investment: If you’re not moving forward, you’re going backwards!

Our activities cover a wide range, including acoustic consultancy, acoustic engineering, design engineering, manufacturing and installation. All of these require specialised equipment and skills, which need to be updated continuously.

In addition to significant ongoing investments in acoustic instrumentation, CAD and analytical software, and CADCAM manufacturing equipment, we are also investing in other parts of the business such as:

  • Development of a fully parametric 3D CAD product assembly library with supporting drawings and production schedules.
  • deciBase® – our own acoustic ERP system, developed jointly with the University of Hertfordshire as a joint KTP (Knowledge Transfer Partnership) programme.
  • Ongoing professional development so that our individual capabilities and as a team continue to keep us ahead of the competition.

We have always invested in Our Team and technology where we believe that this will help us better achieve our goals and be true to our Values. This commitment to reinvest a significant proportion of our profits back in the business is one of the reasons for our longevity and continuing success, where many others have failed over the years.