What People Are Saying

Hear It Straight From Our Clients: ACE and ACC’s Combined Solutions Work

“The works undertaken to the roof area, which consists of the fitting of vibration isolators to the roof mounted pump and vibration isolating hangers to the pipework from the cooling towers, has completely solved the problem of noise nuisance to the two flats below. Indeed the noise from the pumps is now inaudible throughout the building.” -Chesterton International plc, International Property Consultants
“I am writing to record how pleased we are with the enclosures you fitted in what is a tricky physical space on the balcony of our London flat. As you know, this has been a stressful experience as we had…a couple [of] “false starts” in finding a suitable supplier – despite common claims of expertise….We were very pleased when recommended to speak to your firm. The result was the prompt design, delivery and installation of two bespoke enclosures of a very high quality of design and construction and ultimately, a solution to our noise problem.” -John Eckersley
“When asking all of our branches to ascertain the quality of your products, the resounding reply is “no problems.” On those occasions when we have agreed to use anti-vibration equipment from other sources, the results have not been so favourable. Indeed, on more than one site, isolators have been removed and replaced with more suitable isolators from yourselves, and [this] has achieved the desired results.” -Ryan-Jayberg Limited
“Over the last 20 odd years when we have used your company, whether for an existing noise or vibration problem or potential problem, the problem has been eliminated or prevented. Almost certainly this success results equally from your engineers’ undoubted expertise, your company’s investment in acoustic instrumentation which assists in the analysis of problems, and your products which actually work on site.” -Carter Refrigeration & Retail Services Ltd.
“I want to praise Tom for the support he has been providing to BJA and me in particular. He has been very helpful with providing guideline noise levels and resolving any noise issue encountered with the planning authority. I look forward to the continual support from him.” -BJA Cool
“We initially selected multi-compressor packs and anti-vibration mountings manufactured by another company. This caused, in fact, more vibration resulting in refrigerant leakage. We have since replaced these with equipment selected and provided by Acoustical Control Engineers and to date we have had no further problems.” -Wathes Refrigeration Limited
“The directors’ areas at the office were very noisy. We were called in to advise how the three air handling units, despite the restricted space and congested ductwork, could be further attenuated. Your proposals regarding the ductwork attenuators and the replacement of the [other company’s] mounts have been implemented. The directors are very pleased with the results, as am I.” -Geoffrey Wilkinson, Building Services Consulting Engineers
“You did us a great favour in jumping onto this right away when we were under pressure.” -Technical Manager, Ryan- Jayberg
“I am pleased with the acoustical housing installed at Hackney, Theydon Road. The structure was solid and the noise output from the CVP was reduced (it became apparent how much noise was reduced when I removed the panels).” -BJA Cool
“The advice given by Belair Research [now ACC] compared to that given by the other two acoustic consultants we had used was like comparing a Premier League club to two non-league clubs.” -Group Project Manager Eden Farm Ltd