What Makes Us Different?

What makes us different from other noise reduction experts and acoustic companies? Some of the reasons we believe we are the best at what we do:

Identifying and then achieving the Highest Suitable Noise Level™ keeps cost to a minimum whilst ensuring that dwellings and other sensitive areas are properly protected against noise.

We help to create acoustic standards, rather than simply following them, enabling our unique expertise to help develop the UK’s noise and vibration control industry.

Our 42 year history means that we have seen most problems before (usually many times) and successfully solved them; so we apply this expertise to solving your specific acoustic problems.

Independent Acoustic Consultancy and Acoustic Engineering expertise means we provide the best solution for your specific acoustic problem, whether it requires measurement, analysis & reporting; design, manufacture & installation; expert witness representation; acoustic project management; or some combination of these.

The fact that we have lost more individual Clients through retirement rather than to competitors supports our claim to be the best at what we do.

Every organisation has its own values and Our Values are the key to our continuing success.

They can be summarised as:

Our Team of Experts includes high calibre acoustic graduates, industry leaders, highly skilled & experienced Manufacture, Installation, CAD, IT and Administrative personnel, supported by a proactive and forward thinking Management Team & expert business advisers.

We continuously invest in personal development, sophisticated equipment, R&D, IT, business systems, and our premises; to maximise our efficiency and competitiveness and to maintain our excellent performance through continuous improvement.

We believe in Evolution rather than Revolution, continually developing, improving and learning from the past rather than starting again and not fully benefiting from our many years’ experience.