Waste Management & Recycling

Waste Disposal/ Recycling Without Disturbing the Neighbours

Many waste materials handling and recycling facilities are located relatively near to some of the dwellings that create the waste. The work often involves intensive vehicular movements together with materials handling and processing equipment, all of which can create relatively high levels of noise.

Planning Conditions, Operating Licences & Environmental Permits generally impose limits on noise emission and may require ongoing Compliance Monitoring. It is important to ensure that unduly onerous restrictions are not imposed, that can adversely affect operation of the site, or unnecessarily increase the costs of compliance. Acoustical Control Consultants’ team of experts can help to ensure that any restrictions are reasonable and appropriate. Similarly, ongoing compliance monitoring should be at appropriate intervals, that may be longer where there are no significant changes to or seasonal variations in operation or noise from the site.

For new facilities, it is important to consider noise emission at the design stage. Often relatively minor changes to layout, design or construction materials can have a significant effect, with considerable scope for cost savings or avoiding unnecessary expenditure, if the best expert acoustic advice is obtained at the correct stages in the project.

Contact Acoustical Control’s experts for help with any Waste Management & Recycling acoustic problems you have, or simply to pick our brains about acoustics.