Power Generation

Keeping the Country Going – Quietly

Many power generation facilities are near to houses or other noise sensitive receptors. Potential 24/7 operation makes it even more important to be able to achieve quiet noise levels so that people are not disturbed, even when sleeping with open bedroom windows.

power generation

However it is equally important to ensure that an unnecessarily low noise level is not sought, as this can significantly increase the difficulty and cost of compliance whilst providing no benefit, as is recognised in current Government planning policy.

Acoustical Control’s acoustic experts have extensive experience of ensuring that the correct noise level is achieved, pioneering use of The Highest Suitable Noise Level™ as part of this approach.

Whether the best solution is a generator acoustic container, drop over canopy, or attenuation and louvres for a generator room, we can design, manufacture and where appropriate, install the correct solution for your specific requirements.

Contact Acoustical Control’s experts for help with any Power Generation or related acoustic problems you have, or simply to pick our brains about acoustics.