Development & Planning

Enabling Development & Protecting The Environment

Whether you are developing a new site or redeveloping an existing one, you must consider noise (and often vibration) as part of the design and planning process. This is the case whether the development is noise sensitive, a noise producer, or mixed use.

We can work with your interdisciplinary development team including architects, planning consultants, developers, and other specialists to assess potential sites or review current buildings and their impact. Though we usually assist with feasibility studies or providing acoustic assessments to support planning applications, for contentious proposals, we can also act as expert witnesses.

Cost-Effective Solutions That Work

Our ethos is simple: we aim to identify and then achieve The Highest Suitable Levels™ of noise and vibration to minimize compliance costs and protect sensitive receptors. We do this to avoid the problems that arise from trying to achieve unnecessarily low levels that do not provide any additional benefits.

With our state-of-the-art instrumentation and technology, we perform fully attended acoustic surveys to deliver the high quality data necessary for a thorough analysis and assessment. Our aim is to aid your decision-making process by providing the information you need in a clear and accessible manner, underscored by our years of experience both as acoustic consultants and acoustic engineers.

Our Development & Planning work includes:

  • Acoustic assessments: to support planning applications for residential, commercial or mixed use developments ranging from dwellings or single office buildings, to major greenfield mixed use developments.
  • Acoustic plant selection surveys and assessments: to provide advice for the selection of plant that will properly protect noise and vibration sensitive receptors whilst minimizing compliance costs.
  • Expert witness representation: to help resolve contentious proposals at Planning Inquiries by providing accurate data and accessible information to aid decision-makers.