Site & Factory Acceptance Testing

Site (SAT) & Factory (FAT) Acceptance Testing/ Witness Testing

Before planning the FAT or SAT it is important to properly understand the performance criteria that are to be verified and how best to demonstrate this. The test arrangements can significantly affect the outcome of the test, and may make the difference between a pass or fail.

Acoustical Control Engineers & Consultants’ Team of Experts has extensive experience of witness testing on site and at Clients’ premises. We are also able to host acceptance tests using our facilities at Bourn which provide a flexible, quiet location that is particularly suitable for testing large items of equipment.

Although every FAT or SAT is unique, most follow a similar pattern:

  • Preparation: Review performance criteria and any proposed test documentation to establish the most appropriate test method(s).
  • Planning: Determine how to undertake the test such as what, where, and when to measure.
  • Setup & Familiarisation: Ensure the equipment is properly installed and operating correctly, then check that this is as expected for the witness test.
  • Instrumentation: Use suitable instrumentation to measure the most appropriate parameters in a way that provides the best quality data for subsequent analysis.
  • Observation: Identify any acoustically significant events during the test(s) and ensure all relevant parties properly understand the test arrangements.
  • Analysis & Reporting: Analyse the measurements and other data to verify performance of the equipment, provide a preliminary report ideally during the FAT, with a more detailed final report subsequently.