Cost Effective Noise Control to Assist Production and Prevent Noise Problems

No matter your industry, to succeed in a highly competitive market, a business must minimize costs and maximize productivity.

Some of the acoustic problems that we have helped manufacturers overcome include:

  • Measuring and assessing noise, developing Noise Control Action Plans and reducing the exposure of personnel to Noise at Work and Occupational Vibration.
  • Vibration isolation to control vibration that may damage equipment, affect productivity, or disturb people.
  • Assessing, controlling and where necessary investigating complaints about environmental noise affecting neighbouring premises.
  • Reducing workplace noise that whilst not being potentially damaging is irritating and affects productivity.

Cost-Effective Solutions That Work

Our ethos is simple: we aim to identify and then achieve The Highest Suitable Levels™ of noise and vibration to minimize compliance costs and protect sensitive receptors. We do this to avoid the problems that arise from trying to achieve unnecessarily low levels that do not provide any additional benefits.

With our state-of-the-art instrumentation and technology, we perform fully attended acoustic surveys to deliver the high quality data necessary for a thorough analysis and assessment. Our aim is to aid your decision-making process by providing the information you need in a clear and accessible manner, underscored by our years of experience both as acoustic consultants and acoustic engineers.

Typically, manufacturers make use of our: