Acoustic Enclosures and Containers

SilenZone™ Acoustic Containers, Canopies, Enclosures & Plant Rooms

Containers, Canopies, Enclosures & Plant Rooms

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Acoustical Control Engineers’ cost effective, high-quality range of SilenZone™ standard, modular and custom designed acoustic enclosures control plant noise at source to protect noise-sensitive areas. SilenZone acoustic enclosures also protect personnel in high-noise level work environments when used as Sound Havens & Pulpits.

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Each acoustic enclosure is engineered individually for its unique installation. Each unit incorporates intake, discharge attenuation and forced ventilation (as appropriate) to ensure effective control of noise and suitable airflow to ensure the correct plant cooling duty.

Containerised Plant Rooms: Efficiently prevent noise and vibration (and vibration related pipe failures) for packaged plant such as generators, refrigeration and air-conditioning units, whilst reducing costs for both installation and acoustic treatment. Each containerised plant room is custom engineered by our structural and acoustic engineers for the dynamic operating loads of the mechanical plant being installed.

The rolled steel structural frame, chequer-plate floor and stiffened panels are engineered to minimise deflection during transportation, craneage and use. In addition to controlling noise breakout and achieving the required level of noise reduction, intake and discharge attenuators are designed for maximum airflow efficiency.

DropOver Canopies: designed to provide the required attenuation, airflow, access and services apertures for equipment already installed on a suitable supporting base.

Modular Acoustic Plant Rooms: designed for the plant to be enclosed, with the advantages of low cost, rapid delivery, flexibility for later extension, easy access and rapid demountability. The enclosures are constructed from our range of standard modular panels, engineered during manufacture to match the specific site requirements for acoustic performance, ventilation, windows, conduits and conveyor belt feed operations as appropriate.

Sound Havens & Pulpits: utilise the same panel and framework systems as plant enclosures configured to protect personnel from exposure to high levels of workplace noise.

SilenZone™ Acoustic Doors

Acoustic Doors

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Acoustical Control Engineers’ comprehensive range of SilenZone™ noise reducing and airtight doors control noise in industrial, commercial and even domestic environments.

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We custom engineer our quality, cost-efficient designs to suit specific site requirements such as size, construction, finish, and appearance. A full range of design options are available including: removable mullions, espagnolette bolts, and panic release systems. SilenZone Acoustic Doors are available in many finishes including painted, colour coated, self-colour steel, or timber.


  • Plantrooms, enclosures and containers
  • Sound havens and pulpits
  • Recording studios, cinemas
  • Entertainment venues
  • Prestigious dwellings

SilenZone™ Compressor Jackets

Compressor Jacket

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Acoustical Control Engineers’ SilenZone Compressor Jackets control airborne noise from refrigeration and air conditioning compressors.

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The Compressor Jackets provide a relatively high level of airborne sound insulation, limited by vibrational energy. This is transmitted to other items, such as receivers and condensers, by the compressed fluid and pipework, where the vibrational energy is then re-radiated as sound.

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