Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

24/7 Operation without Disturbing Residents or Other Noise/ Vibration Receptors

With the rise of urbanization, more refrigeration systems are located close to dwellings and mixed use premises. The noise and vibration from refrigeration plant can be particularly disruptive to nearby residents.

Even on industrial or commercial premises where larger refrigeration and air conditioning plant may be located further from houses, this equipment usually produces higher levels of noise or vibration – which can be equally disruptive to neighbouring residents. In addition, other parts of the building or other noise sensitive areas on-premises (such as adjacent offices) are likely to be affected.

A cooling mount used in refrigeration and air conditioning

Noise and vibration control, though important, can affect the operation of equipment, impede operator or maintenance access, and add to costs. In addition, understanding the different characteristics – and therefore applicable acoustic solutions – for the different types of plant is complex. Typical applications requiring noise and vibration control expertise include:

  • Compressor packs (scroll, hermetic, semi-hermetic and screw)
  • Packaged refrigeration units
  • Condensing units (both refrigeration and air conditioning)
  • Cooling towers & chillers
  • Condensers and coolers
  • Plantroom & gas extract fans

Cost-Effective Solutions That Work

Our ethos is simple: we aim to identify and then achieve The Highest Suitable Levels™ of noise and vibration to minimize compliance costs and protect sensitive receptors. We do this to avoid the problems that arise from trying to achieve unnecessarily low levels that do not provide any additional benefits.

With our state-of-the-art instrumentation and technology, we perform fully attended acoustic surveys to deliver the high quality data necessary for a thorough analysis and assessment. Our aim is to aid your decision-making process by providing the information you need in a clear and accessible manner, underscored by our years of experience both as acoustic consultants and acoustic engineers.

Lots of air conditioning units

Some of our products and services that are most frequently used for refrigeration and air conditioning include: