Acoustic Barriers, Screens and Absorptive Panels

SilenZone™ Acoustic Screens, Barriers & Panels

Screens, Barriers & Panels

Is This The Right Solution For You?

Acoustical Control Engineers’ range of SilenZone™ Acoustic Screens, Barriers and Panels provides the configuration flexibility to suit virtually any requirement from appearance to spatial constraints, to accessibility, demountability, airflow and of course, attenuation.

Acoustic screens:

  • Can be permanent structures or temporary, demountable installations
  • Can be positioned at ground level or used for other applications (such as roof mounted plant)
  • Can be freestanding or supported (e.g. by building structure, support steels, etc.)

Made Strong, Made Well

Acoustic screens consist primarily of panels and a supporting framework. The panels are usually constructed from sheet steel outer sections, or with perforated pre-galvanised steel facings to protect the absorptive face (where required), with an acoustically absorptive infill typically around 50mm to 100mm in thickness. The external surfaces include a range of finishes such as plastisol colour coated, painted, or self-colour galvanised. The supporting framework is typically a PentaPost section for smaller screens or rolled structural steel sections, which may be hot dip galvanised and/or painted for larger screens.


  • Mechanical plant
  • Vehicular access routes
  • Noise producing activities
  • Noise sensitive receptors


  • Comprehensive range of panel and supporting frame constructions to suit a wide range of applications
  • Pre-galvanised perforated metal facings plus scrim inter-layer protect the acoustically absorptive infill from mechanical damage and prevent fibre migration
  • Totally flexible design and manufacturing system enables acoustic screens to be configured to provide the optimum selection to best match your requirements
  • Different materials available for hazardous, hostile or foodsafe environments