About Us

What Do We Actually Do?

Acoustical Control Engineers Limited: Guaranteed Acoustic Solutions Since 1972

Since Richard Collman established Acoustical Control Engineers in 1972 we have solved approximately 15,000 acoustic problems. And to this day, we treat every problem we encounter as its own unique challenge, best resolved with a tailored solution.

In addition to years of experience in the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Building Services and Facilities Management, Manufacturing and Power Generation industries, we’ve used our noise and vibration control expertise to solve acoustic challenges for a wide range of other sectors and venues, such as:

  • Hotels
  • Shopping centres
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Stadia
  • Schools
  • Recording and Television Studios
  • Churches
  • Nightclubs

You May Have Seen Our Work Across The UK And Europe

Over the last 42 years, we’ve had the privilege to work in some very high profile buildings such as Great Ormond Street Hospital, The Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, The British Library, and The Shard. Not to mention, The Ritz, Claridges, the O2 Arena, and the Royal Albert Hall.

To maximise our efficiency and competitiveness we consistently reinvest in our Team of Experts as well as our equipment. Our production systems integrate acoustic design with CADCAM manufacturing to provide the manufacturing base for standard and custom engineered attenuation and isolation systems. As always, our products and services focus on high quality, low-cost, tailored solutions. We may have been doing this for decades, but we still believe every problem is unique.

Acoustic Consultancy & Engineering

Avoid duplicated efforts and wasted costs: our combination of Consultancy and Engineering expertise ensures you get the services you need – and none of what you don’t.

The Best Service Means Having Options

Too often, engaging a pure acoustic consultancy or engineering organization means your problem is investigated, but not solved, or the most appropriate/ cost effective solution is not used. Our combined Acoustic Consultancy expertise and Acoustic Engineering solutions provide the most appropriate and cost effective solution tailored to your specific requirements for a more efficient, cost-effective resolution.

Acoustical Control Consultants Limited

Specialist Technical Acoustic Consultancy Expertise Combined with Practical Acoustic Engineering Experience

At the start of 2015, Belair Research was officially re-named Acoustical Control Consultants to provide greater clarity about the association with Acoustical Control Engineers and the range of benefits that our combined Acoustic Consultancy & Engineering capabilities provide for our clients, just as we have since 1972.

Our specialised Acoustic Consultancy expertise serves these sectors (among others):

And that’s just the start. Acoustics is such a large and diverse field and our experts have experience in many other sectors.

Belair Research Limited

Specialist Technical Acoustic Consultancy Expertise Combined with Practical Acoustic Engineering Experience

Richard Collman established Belair Research (now ACC) in 1981 when his clients requested more Acoustic Consultancy services. Initially, BRL’s work was primarily troubleshooting existing mechanical plant acoustic problems, designing the attenuation for new buildings, and resolving occasional noise nuisance and vibration isolation problems. Over the next few years, this company rapidly expanded to meet increasing needs for a variety of acoustic issues, such as: noise assessment and control, acoustic assessments, support for planning applications and appeals, and Noise at Work assessments.

The close association between Acoustical Control Engineers and Belair Research enables our team to provide Acoustic Consultancy expertise based firmly upon ACE’s practical Acoustic Engineering experience. These dual capabilities mean our clients receive the precise combination of both theoretical and practical assistance, tailored to their specific situations and unique needs in the most cost-effective manner.