ASDA, Telford

When To Use Conventional Materials Not More Expensive ‘Acoustic’ Products

The Challenge

Asda contacted ACE to provide a quotation for an acoustic barrier to reduce noise from the service yard at their Telford store to ensure that this would not disturb neighbouring residents.

Our Work

Having reviewed the acoustic specification for the proposed service yard barrier, it became apparent some of the stipulated specifications were unnecessary. For example, the suggested barrier did not need to include an acoustically absorptive inner surface, because the proposed absorptive treatment would reduce sound that would only be reflected back into the store itself, where this noise would not be significant.

Asda Telford location

Therefore, ACE concluded that a wooden fence or other similar construction would be a more appropriate service yard barrier; it would provide the required screening attenuation without needing an acoustically absorptive inner surface.

The Result

The barrier was constructed using conventional timber fence materials without any need for proprietary products or specialist acoustic materials – which meant a significant cost saving for Asda, while still achieving the required noise level.