B Sky B, Brick Lane

Best Value, Big Savings: Combined Acoustic Engineering & Consultancy Expertise

The Challenge

Star Refrigeration contacted our team for assistance with the proposed replacement of chillers at one of B Sky B’s premises. The existing chillers were situated on the roof and screened by acoustic louvres to provide airflow whilst achieving some attenuation. However, the chillers could not operate at full capacity due to the restricted airflow. Therefore, Star Refrigeration asked ACE/ ACC to design an acoustic solution that would provide sufficient airflow for the replacement chillers and also meet the local authority’s stringent acoustic requirements.

Our Work

We performed an acoustic survey to quantify the sound level produced by the existing chillers and to measure the characteristics of the existing sound level at the neighbouring premises closest to the chiller installation. Careful analysis of the data showed that when assessed correctly, the sound level from the new chillers could comply with the local authority’s criteria without any need to modify the existing acoustic louvred screen.

The Result

Although Star Refrigeration originally contacted us to provide an acoustic engineering solution, our consultancy expertise helped them to avoid significant expense by accurately assessing the data. Our solution meant the replacement plant could be installed and could operate correctly at minimal overall cost.