Sustainability Lives Forever

Sustainability has been part of our ethos for nearly half a century, even before we properly understood what the word meant. It means different things to different people. For us, sustainability provides the focus for making our world better—and not just quieter:

  • Waste should be avoided and minimised to save resources, reduce carbon impact and save cost. A key part of this is identifying and achieving the highest suitable noise level to protect people properly against disturbance while avoiding the waste associated with an unnecessarily or unreasonably low noise level. We have been doing this for nearly half a century and it is great that it is now explicitly required by current UK Government planning policy.
  • Quality and Sustainability are synonymous. A good quality acoustic solution will provide the full range of required features, and will be properly designed and of suitable materials to provide the required performance and longevity. At the same time, a good quality acoustic solution will not waste resources such as materials and money on features that provide no benefit.
  • Profitability must be sufficient to support ongoing investment and reward the personnel involved, but low enough to maintain competitive pricing and provide the best value, high quality acoustic solutions. Getting this right is essential for the long term success of any commercial organisation.
  • Employment supports families and communities, not only for our employees, but also for our suppliers. It should also provide an enjoyable and stimulating environment that encourages and supports personal and professional development.
  • ‘People, Planet, Profits’ underpins our approach to sustainability. We aim to improve the quality of life for many people while protecting others against adverse impact due to development. In addition to making things quieter and reducing vibration, we also aim to protect the planet by conserving scarce resources, ensuring they are used only when necessary to achieve a worthwhile benefit, without wasting them. A highly engaged and committed workforce (our Team of Experts), efficient working arrangements, investment in technology, and intelligent design help us provide the best value for money while producing a sustainable level of profitability.