Vibration Isolator Support Arrangements

Floor Mounted – Equipment is usually placed on floor mounted vibration isolators. If these incorporate LoadUp design the vibration isolators can be changed without the need to disconnect the equipment should it subsequently prove necessary. This can also incorporate a LoHite arrangement so that there is negligible clearance between the floor and underside of the supported load despite the vibration isolator height usually being around 100mm to 200mm.

Wall Mounted – Vibration isolators that are designed to support loads from walls and other vertical surfaces. This may be for pipework or ducting in a services riser and may incorporate a cantilever support bracket arrangement, although other configurations are also possible to accommodate a wide range of installation configurations.

Hanging Mounts – Support loads that are suspended from above. They incorporate misalignment features as the load supporting point is rarely directly below the point from which it is supported, or the supported load may move on occasion.

Inclined – Surfaces can create additional complexity for supporting loads whilst providing effective vibration isolation. Suitable support systems can be designed usually for specific inclined support arrangements.