Vibration Isolator features

Different applications require vibration isolators with a range of different features. For equipment that is drained occasionally it may be important that it remains at the same height when drained, despite its mass changing significantly (e.g. to avoid stressing pipework fittings). If the mass may change in the future (e.g. compressor replacement), it may be important to be able to change the springs without disconnecting the equipment. Some features that may be important include:

LoadUp: The loaded height is greater than the unloaded height, so that springs or even complete vibration isolators can be changed in the future without having to alter any pipework, other services, and usually avoiding any down time during the work.


LockDown: The equipment mounting surface can be rigidly connected to the base so that supported load is restrained (e.g. to prevent movement during transport).

Wind Restraint: Restrains movement of supported load due to wind load to prevent excessive rocking, particularly due to low frequency gusts that may be near to the vibration isolator’s resonant frequency.

Height Adjustment: Enables discrepancies in supporting surface height to be accommodated properly without affecting the load on the vibration isolator or the expected static deflection, which controls the performance achieved.

height adjustment

FailSafe: Prevents excessive movement in the highly unlikely event of spring failure or similar event to avoid stress on critical systems such as steam pipes.

FixDown/FixUp: Fixings to secure a supported load to the vibration isolator can be fitted from above (FixDown) or from below (FixUp), depending upon the design and characteristics of the supported load.

SlipFit/StudFit: For SlipFit vibration isolators, the fixings are separate from the vibration isolator body so that it can be slipped into a gap between the supported load and supporting structure before being secured in place. StudFit vibration isolators incorporate permanent fixings that project from the vibration isolator’s load-bearing surface, so that the equipment to be supported can be positioned onto or around the fixing stud(s) to help alignment.

Damping: Where appropriate damping can reduce the amplitude of response, primarily to shock loads, although it reduces the isolation provided by vibration isolators.

NoisePads: Are necessary to control higher frequency vibration that can travel through the coils of a steel spring. However, as this is high frequency energy, relatively little deflection is required in order to control it, so a NoisePad thickness of around 3mm is usually suitable.

SelfLevel: Means that a vibration isolator does not need any adjustment after installation. This is usually the case for continuous support vibration isolators such as FlexiRails but can be incorporated where there will be insufficient room to gain sufficient access and make suitable adjustments.

Continuous Support/Point Support: Vibration isolators can provide continuous support along the entire length, where the vibration isolator is fitted rather than only at a series of discrete points. This is suitable for equipment whose base does not have sufficient rigidity to be supported only at discrete points.

Continuous Support

LoHite: These mounting arrangements enable equipment to be protected by high performance vibration isolators while minimising the separation gap between the supported load and supporting structure, to only a few millimetres.





Body/Spring Finish: This may be one or more of several variations, such as plated, painted or galvanised. Painting provides easy colour-coded identification of different spring rates but does not provide as good protection as plating. Plated or galvanised equipment may be identified by a colour mark or possibly by a top coat of paint that provides additional protection as well as ease of identification.


Flex Appeal: ACE’s vibration isolators such as FlexiMounts, FlexiRails, FlexiBases and FlexiHangers are the only ones to provide ‘Flex Appeal,’ in addition to the wide range of features and high performance that you have come to expect of all our products and services.